Monday, 31 August 2015

Art Time

My blog stats this month are not very good which is a shame. Possibly not overly surprising though as it is traditionally holiday season and I have only written 3 posts this month. It was obviously holiday season for me as well, not that it feels like it was but never mind!

I have had a super productive Bank Holiday weekend these last few days, and an art focused one for once. I have managed to finally put all my outstanding new photographs and paintings online EVERYWHERE, two paintings are packaged and ready and waiting to be sent, I have ordered a new chair to try and stop me turning into a hunchback, my spreadsheets are up to date, my finances also, and my to-do list is the smallest it has been all year. I should feel better than I do right now, but I guess there is always more to do. It has been good to have a solid block of art time though, I miss it, and would quite like it to carry on for a few more days but I already know there is a potential mountain of architecture work on its way. That is fine too though, a bit of art, a bit of money - not a bad mix. Now if I can just manage to squeeze in a painting either tonight or tomorrow night then we are sorted.

Oh, and prep/schedule a few blog posts - that might be a good idea too.

(Definitely ALWAYS more to do......)

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

One way or Another

I just entered the Aesthetica Magazine Art Prize today. I am not sure why really. I have always been a background person, I just get on with what I do, I don't win things, I am not the most popular, I don't shout about what I do but I do achieve things. I am after all selling my work, starting to have a fan base, have followers, get commissions. This is how I roll. I creep in slowly, I grab loyalty from the people who love what I do and it grows that way. I will never be 'on trend' I don't believe in fashion, I, god knows, am not fashionable, but I am me, and the best me I can be.

But when it comes to competitions, I might as well not bother.

But I feel like art is a bit like that anyway. When was the last time you watched the Turner Prize and thought, oh yes, that was the artist that should have won. Never? Well exactly.

I would like to win something one day though, and that is why I have entered and why I will keep on entering the RA Summer Exhibition. I am sure they will let me in one day, or at least live to regret not letting me in. I will win one way or the other.  

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


As I still haven't had a chance to sort through my photos I thought I would share another artistic experiment with you instead. A while ago (a long while ago) I went to a pottery painting place with my sister and nieces. This is basically a place where you can choose a piece of pottery, unfired, paint it and then they will glaze/fire it for you. There are lots of items to choose from - plates, cake shaped pots, skulls, tea pots, coffee pots, cups, mugs, saucers, bowls and probably lots of other things I have forgotten. There were lots of paint colours to choose from as well, as well as paint pens.

I was particularly taken with a coffee pot; something about its slightly strange shape seemed to speak to me at the time. Apart from the fact that I slightly wish I had gone prepped with a design, for a first attempt, and one off-the-cuff as it where, I think this pot will do.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Whiling Away

Oops, I let the ball slip a bit there. This was mostly because I had to revise for my theory test last week. Yes, that is right, I am learning to drive, and only ten or so years late. Fortunately I passed, and as the results are valid for two years that should be more than enough time to get my practical out of the way as well. I shall be glad when all this is over. Work, art, driving, life, socialising, I don't really want to play with all of these things at the moment. Just some art will do and maybe some socialising. I would like a holiday from the rest.

Speaking of holidays, I had a mini break back to the Isle of Wight this weekend and went on a bit of a photography binge. I have high hopes for a couple of my shots, specifically a set I took of some scummy sea water. I promise it will make sense when you see the photos. I have quite a lot to sift through though, and as a lot of them look the same it may take a while....possibly an especially long while as whiles are something I am finding hard to come by....