Thursday, 7 December 2017


Ironically, I wrote more blog posts last month and got less post hits. This either means my posts were very boring or people were otherwise occupied looking at other websites and doing Christmas shopping. Lets go with the second option.

I am worn out today, but there are new paintings to put online, presents to organise and wrap, art Christmas cards to write, and send, and work to do. Needless to say all this means getting art website update time is pretty thin on the ground at the moment. I think on my wishlist this year might be a sabbatical; But it is OK, busy is good and I am not too stressed currently, money is coming in, socialising is happening, most of my present shopping is done except the awkward last few people, (who I really should consider just falling out with because it would probably be easier!). So I am on top of it all, well almost. I have just put in a print order with my printers as I have some orders to fulfil, but as yet I have had no response from them which is a bit worrying! They are normally pretty reliable though so fingers crossed.

In other news....

I donated a super posh print of 'Goodnight Tower Bridge' to a charity auction over the weekend and got quite a lot of positive feedback from it. The best bit being that you could choose your raffle prize and my print went first! I was impressed as there were free lunches on offer (apparently they do exist), alcohol, Windsor Racecourse tickets, theatre vouchers and everything in between. Everyone was also very complimentary about my work, and the lady that won the print, ecstatic.

A welcome boost, that was very much needed, and we raised over £450 for the extremely worthwhile Daisy's Dream Charity. Good job everyone.