Sunday, 14 August 2016

No Doubt

So, having been very positive about all the art stuff I need to do, today I am less so. I carried on working up my photography website today which was a bit frustrating. I have over 200 photos to put online, and a slightly unresponsive template to work with. I can't quite get things how I would like, and having so many photos to upload is going to take forever. I managed 25 today which is about a ninth of the total. Normally I am very good at working through things and looking at the bigger picture. At the moment though, I really could do with an artistic pick me up; Either selling a painting, winning a competition, getting some compliments or something generically positive to happen.

Sometimes being self motivated and working on your own all the time is tough. More to the point it is tiring. I am my own worst enemy though and I am sure when I next look at my website I will be pleased with what I have achieved today. It doesn't mean that I don't sometimes need some help to battle through the doubt.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Not a Charity Case

It still looks as though I am not really doing any art. But, AHA! This is not true, I have managed to do a lot more than usual in the last week or so, but as yet, that hasn't involved focusing on my blog. I wrote a list of things I needed and wanted to get up to date and altered, a list that initially completely scared me as it was SO LONG. Scared me so much in fact, that I had to go to the gym and dance my worries away in Zumba and think about something else.

In order to tackle this list, that currently stretches to the moon and back, I have had to focus on each section of work that I need to do. i.e. make a photographic website, make some more calendars, take new high resolution photographs of my work, update all society 6 items etc, etc. Each section has a list associated with it, including one for this blog, but as yet it is not a priority. High resolution photographs are the first port of call, after updating my artwork tracker to work out what I need to photograph and update and re-upload. Next will be the photography website, or possibly Society 6. Then possibly redoing my art website. I am not sure, I will take the list as it comes depending on what I am in the mood to tackle.

I am excited to finally focus on getting my art life back on track though. I feel like my life is mine and heading in the right direction for the first time in about a hundred years.

In the meantime, I did support a local charity concert by placing an advert in their music programme. The concert was for the Thames Hospice and Nordoff Robbins. I was very happy to be asked to help, and the advert looked pretty good too!

Thanks Grimm Players, for sending me a copy of the programme (and for sending an extra one for my Mum!)