Thursday, 24 October 2019

Richard Parker

I just checked my blog stats for the first time in ages which may not have been the best idea. My blog isn't really surviving with me only posting once a month if I am lucky. I wish I was one of those heavily routine driven people sometimes. Up at 6.30am, a run round the block, breakfast, emails checked, social media posted, previous days blog post written, paints out, admin completed. Oh look it is only 10am.

I am not one of these people.

I am more of a 'Oh, I've just woken up, what shall I do today?' This is good for my creativity; I function better with more spontaneity in my life, but it is not necessarily good for my productivity. Strange as I am not an idle person, I like to be busy and find sitting still quite difficult unless I am shattered, so you would have thought I would be an 'up and at'em' person but sadly not. Never mind, sometimes you just have to accept that you have to make life work how you work.

This is all pre-tiger procrastination though as I still haven't shared how painting that commission went. It went better than expected, and bizarrely painting a tiger seems to be easier than painting a dog. I have no idea why, or maybe the practice that I have had with my dog commissions has just generally made painting animals easier. So something that I was slightly worried about actually turned out to be quite a pleasurable job. The tiger (named Richard Parker after the Life of Pi) has been sat in my lounge for the last month, but he is leaving for his new home tomorrow. I am going to be sad to see him go. He has been a friendly face for me to look at for long enough for me to become attached.

So here he is, say hello to Richard Parker, or rather goodbye! :-(