Thursday, 16 February 2017

I need some cake.

I need to do a blog post about Paul Nash as I went to see his exhibition at Tate Britain a week or so ago. I did think I could do it now, but I literally just felt my brain leave the building and now I am good for nothing except getting easily distracted.

OooooOooooh butterfly......!

On the plus side, this evening I am going to do a bit more work to my photography website. I have somehow managed to get myself roped into having an exhibition on the Isle of Wight at the beginning of April (!!) so it seems like it would be sensible to get everything up together for then. I am not sure whether this is actually possible but I will try!

Whilst I was being distracted I also looked at the stats for this blog. Apparently I have had 23,947 page views. That seems like rather a lot!


So before April the 8th I would like to have my photography website complete, my art website update complete and Twitter and Instagram up and running. I basically have 50 days in which to do that. That doesn't sound like very many!

But it might be enough.

I need to get some milk.

My foot is also swollen as I zumba'd too hard yesterday.

What am I meant to be doing?

Oh yes, 50 days. Hmmm

I need some cake.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


I am having a sense of humour failure today. Maybe I need some more cocktails? I am sure that would cure/create/do something......

On the plus side, I have answered all my dA correspondence, for boosting purposes, let's call it fan mail and I have entered the RA's Summer Exhibition. I have gone for a different tactic this time, entering something less literal, older and not for sale. I wanted to offer prints, but I couldn't seem to fathom how they worked that out on the entry form. Possibly an epic fail, but then entering competitions is usually a bit like that anyway, so no loss really.

The 'lucky' painting trying it's best for me this time is 'Tree' - a weeny picture by my standards and painted one tormented afternoon in 2011.

If they are looking for something a bit different, it might do the trick? Who knows....

It started life as a painting of something else, got painted over a few thousand times, smudged, rubbed out, covered up, scratched and then ended up like this. I am sure all of that should mean something....

Monday, 6 February 2017

Cocktail o'clock

Apparently, for today at least, all my deadlines have been met, and although I have a little bit of work outstanding, it isn't urgent so it will keep until tomorrow. That means, today, I have had an art day! A what I hear you say?


My treat for meeting my final 'January' deadline on Friday (yes, I know it was the 3rd of February) was to go to see an art exhibition and a play in London at the weekend, followed by a painting, and then an art catch up day today. This all seems like a pretty good way to celebrate, that and I may also have had 5 cocktails on Saturday night. (Sorry Mum, I meant 2 cocktails).

It seems like normality has been restored. Well, almost, I did have slight trouble remembering how to paint yesterday and then trouble today remembering how to put everything online but never mind. The rust will wear off.

I am excited to get back on the horse - I still have my photography website to finish and my art one to update which are the two big things, and then I can get started with Instagram. Oh, and work on that big long list of things to do....

First things first though, I need to enter the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition for my annual dose of rejection......