Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Would you like to touch my brain?

I read the best article today, one that can help me explain away my occasional moments of obscurity and my strange ability to periodically utter completely irrelevant 'gems' of information. (Trying saying that ten times quickly!)

It turns out that creative people may have a BIG PIECE OF THEIR BRAIN MISSING. Ok that is not entirely true. It seems that most people have a 'brain filter' that is used to filter out irrelevant external context so they can focus on the task at hand. This 'brain filter' is inhibited in creative people leaving the random thoughts to float in and out and supposedly provide solutions and inspiration from unlikely sources. I like to think this means, when I go for a walk and I can hear my brain going 'tra la la la la' that I am actually absorbing and sifting through a monumental amount of information intelligently and accurately, and not just being vacant.

Ooh is that a potato? Oh no it is just a stone......even better, I'll save that and put it in my soup for later....that will be souper man......

CREATIVE OK (not mental, creative)

You can check out the original article by clicking here and yes, I am printing it off to keep in my back pocket so that next time I cut my finger on a piece of toast (yes I really did do that yesterday) I can just say 'read this' and explain it all away.


  1. The first blog entry that I have read of yours and my self proclaimed status as youre number one stalker has been reaffirmed as 100% justified!!

    Thank you for this explaination, i can assure you that I will be using it to excuse, sorry, EXPLAIN my behaviour on a very regular basis.

    Much love

    Stalker no. 1!


    1. Thanks Hollie! :-D I would be disappointed if you let your current number 1 stalker status slip so thank you for reading the post! I am glad I have finally found a way of excusing my random behaviour - normally I am not stupid but occasionally I can do truly spectacular moronic things :-D xx