Thursday, 28 October 2021

Lost and Found

 It really has been ages this time, but I can reassure you that I am still alive and thinking about art things. I have just had too much architecture work to do, too much on my mind and maybe the worlds largest creative block. There is nothing quite like becoming out of the habit of painting, to make starting a new painting feel impossible. 

This has not been good as I have two commissions that have been outstanding for a long time, but fortunately there hasn't been a rush on with either, and the clients are friends. This is both good and bad, as if they hadn't been friends I would have forced myself to complete the commissions earlier. But also good as waiting means I will hopefully do a better job with the work when I am eventually ready. 

But, I did force myself to do a painting a couple of weeks ago, and finally today I have put it up online everywhere. It has felt good to have an art day, to get back in the zone again and think about what I need to do. I am even tempted to start one of the commissions this evening as I have time for once and I can have a leisurely start tomorrow if I end up working late. So this seems promising. 

So the painting I decided to do to break my block was risky as I literally just sat down with a blank canvas, some paints and just went 'GO'! It is risky as then I don't know what will come out, where it will end up or what it will look like. There is always a chance I will just become frustrated and end up painting a black square. I did pull something out of the bag? Out of my brain? From my hands? And it is titled Lost and Found, as it seems appropriate for many reasons. I wont say too much about it, as it is a process piece that I will leave entirely up to your own interpretation. But either way, better out than in, and it was nice to finally get the paint flowing again! 

I hope it will be the start of many.....