Monday, 30 April 2012

Struggling Artist to do list....

Visit a gallery....

Well it is pretty obvious I am never going to get anywhere unless I can get my artwork into a gallery somewhere. I decided that this meant I needed to scout out the competition.....being on the Isle of Wight this week for an extended stay meant my gallery of choice was the Quay Arts Centre in Newport. 

It is normally a pretty safe bet for some unusual and good items - probably around the level I am aiming at. Not this week though -

'Closed, new exhibition opening the 5th of May.'

So a semi warm latte later, two shopping bags full of new clothes and oh dear, what did I come out for? Good job. Not.

So anyway, I had some good fortune on the gallery front as Agora Galleries, New York (!) contacted me asking if I would like to employ their services to help me sell my work. WOW oh WOW! Gallery website looks real enough....I get a 70% cut of the sale of all work? Well that is not so bad, I have been offered start at......I knew there was a catch....anyone got a spare 4000 dollars they can lend me? (Dammit).

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Struggling Artist to do list...

Make a video like Andy Warhol.

This is the most tenuous link ever and I apologise, I just wanted to shout out about the fact that today, I am the proud owner of DOUBLE GLAZING!!!!! Goodbye rickety windows, stiff handles, cold air, loud noises, easy to burgle openings, things that go bump in the night (that might not actually be the windows...). I do not miss you, well, maybe a little.

I caught myself admiring the view, the glazing, the clean openings....rain pattering on the glass, Lanterns on the Lake playing in the background, feeling relaxed and tired. Four years later and I've just been sat there, zoned out, now I know where my days go. It was better than watching paint dry I guess (and I should know I do it often enough) so in the Style of 'Sleep' 5 hours and 20 minutes of a random man sleeping by Andy Warhol here is 'Poohsticks with Raindrops' to be watched with a chilled out CD (and it is only 3 minutes)

'Poohsticks with Raindrops' because everyone when they were a child, sat with a friend and chose a raindrop each, first one to reach the window frame wins.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hello, and welcome to.......a mistake

I can hardly start a blog without first introducing myself now can I? It would be rather rude not to but lets face it no one wants to read my life story. As a happy medium (or just to make me look odd) I found this when I was cleaning up my computer yesterday - I think I wrote it when I was trying to get a job in marketing - one of those describe yourself in 300 words 'tasks'. My favourite. Not. Probably regretfully; here it is...

I was born with Doc Martins on, my mother said it was a hard pregnancy. My dad thought a professional footballer was on the way, but netball was my thing. I remember the day my boots saved me, when my brother's car reversed over my feet, a lesser shoe would have caved, but not my DM's.

There you go then, now you know exactly where I am coming from....(!) Hopefully it will become clearer when I have figured out what I am doing, and what all these buttons do... (where is the abort button when you need it?) Needless to say I am a struggling artist - struggling to get underway, struggling to write a blog, generally struggling is the key word......