Friday, 23 June 2017

Exhibition Review.

It has been one month since I last blogged, and so much has happened within that month that I literally don't know where to start. I seem to have been busy on all fronts and have work, and art and commitments coming in from all sides. I am at that point where I am juggling 20 balls and I have thrown them all up too high. I am currently looking up at the sky wondering a) where all the balls have gone and b) where and when they will fall and if I will have enough time to catch them.

All answers are currently debatable.

But lets start with a review of my exhibition on the Isle of Wight. Take down day was on Tuesday the 5th of June. The results are as follows. 1 painting sold before the exhibition opens. 2 sold, including my largest sale to date, during the exhibition, various business cards taken, 1 commission enquiry in progress. Then somewhat impressively, 8 paintings sold after take down. 20 paintings went to the Island and only 9 returned. That seems pretty good and has afforded me some extra room in my house, which is just as well as I have been ordering lots of stock in for my London pop up shop, but more about that later.

So all in all, as well as the comments and the interest generated by my work whilst it was up, things seem pretty positive and successful. I was, in fact, far more successful than I would either have imagined or dreamed. I am hoping for a similar response to my pop up shop, but this is a different entity and only up for one week, so it will be difficult to generate as much interest or sales I would presume. I have a much greater variety of items on show though - cups, cards, cushions, prints, paintings, bags.....

That is another good thing that has happened over the last month - I have found a good place to source my mounted prints. It requires some assembly on my part but not to any great degree. It seems like everything is coming together. I just need to find some more places to exhibit and/or sell my art.

I guess I had better put that on my to do list.

Watch this space.