Friday, 23 August 2019

Orange Blocks

I am not going to even pretend to know where the last month has gone. A week of it went to the Isle of Wight and then who knows about the rest!

I feel like I have had a bit of an art block recently. There is too much on my mind and too many things I need to sort out. I started a painting a couple of weeks ago and it still remains unfinished. This is unusual as I usually like to start and finish a work in one sitting, which can mean I am sitting for a lot of hours but I feel like I work better at this intensity. It makes me wonder if the half finished painting is ever going to become alive, or just sit there in the hopes that one day I will complete it. I did manage to paint some more of it on Wednesday, and I am hoping I might finish it today, but I have got distracted; Distracted by home improvements and furniture arriving, blinds being chosen and deciding to paint one of the living room walls orange.

Orange. It really is very orange. It is debatable currently, whether I have just made a big mistake, and I have only painted a sample patch, and I still don't know.

I have been thinking about painting it for ages, so maybe it will be better to just do it and see. I can always paint over it with 600 coats of white paint if I do decide it isn't for me.

Go big or go home.

Sometimes it would be easier to just be small.

Fingers crossed once all these final home improvement distractions are out of the way I will be a bit more focused. I have sold a painting today, another one last week and I have just had a commission request come in. Surely this will help break the block.

Please let the block break soon.....