Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Seraphin De Senlis

There is nothing quite like realising your broadband is down but you are technically savvy enough to get your computer online through your mobile phone. It is a bit like realising after millions of yogalates sessions that you can finally sit in the lotus position (unsitting in the lotus position is more difficult by the way!).

Anyway, I am online, and it had to be today; I watched a film over the weekend (yes another one) about the fabulous artist Seraphin Louis also known as Seraphin De Senlis. It is quite an inspiring and slightly sad story but I love that woman's drive, passion and vision. I also have a few things in common with her - feeling better when I take a walk with nature, painting without anything on my feet, painting with singing and/or music with my canvas on the floor in the middle of the night. I hope my neighbours below me don't have to suffer as much as hers! Although I can identify with some aspects I am not going to draw too many comparisons as I don't have her pure talent, her instructions from God(!) and I certainly do not want to travel down her final road. I am pretty sure with my support network and my strong lack of religious fervour I am more than safe, my line is far wider than hers.

Seraphine De Senlis died today in 1942, so here is my memorial post. I am making it my mission to see some of her work in real life - apparently there is some on display in the Musee Maillol in Paris. No one ever needs an excuse to go to Paris........dear Eurostar........

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