Wednesday, 13 July 2016

*and wake up*

Blogging and updating my website in the day! How unnatural.

I am feeling excited for getting on top of some art things in the not to distant future. For once in my life, I am kind of on top of my architecture work so I am anticipating having a bit more art time. This will initially probably all be admin related but it still needs to be done. I have almost finished my new photography website so I have high hopes for sorting that out soon, and then beginning to work on my art one. Theoretically, I will be coming to an Apple device near you. Possibly also coming to you on Instagram as well if I can get my head around that.

Either way, I think it is time to knuckle down!!

Let's do this.

I sold a painting last week as well, so that seems very much like an invigorating way to make a new start.