Wednesday, 24 February 2021


So, one month later and a lot has happened. So much in fact that I am not sure if I am coming or going today. I have been productive though, my website released a temporary edit fix so I have actually managed to update it today and took the chance to update all my other online galleries sales places, Instagram, twitter etc. So I am feeling rather organised for once (kind of, not really).

I also painted three commissions I have needed to do so I only have one left to sort out. I even managed to tackle the one that needed to be painted on unstretched canvas, which was certainly a bit more awkward than usual! I just need to work out which frame and mount to recommend for that next and then I am good to go. 

It was surprising how much more difficult it was to paint on unstretched canvas. In the end, I temporarily stretched the canvas over one of my other frames so I could keep it taught and upright. The surface also appeared to be rougher than I am used to which was a bit frustrating as the paint flowed less easily and it was harder to get a smooth line, but no matter, the end product is fine! 

Before I share that painting with you, here is the first commission to be rehomed as it was a birthday gift last week! This is a painting of the lovely Mr Bramble and my second cat painting. This one was interesting as it was the first pet for me to paint that I had actually met, so I had some insider knowledge on this one, it was also much easier to paint than the last two cats, either because of the practise, or because the photo I was working from was better. Who knows. I have three more cats to paint after this so I may have more of an idea as to what made the difference then.

Busy busy.   

Until then, here is the lovely Mr Bramble!