Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Prince of Prints

Having said, I seem to be able to manage one post a month, I have completely failed even that in August. This is becoming slightly disgraceful. I am failing the test of art v work v exercise v socialising all the time! Art, unfortunately, always seems to come out last.

That said, I have still been busy, with one commission recently completed, one in design phase and an order for an absolutely massive print.

And when I say massive...

I mean massive!!! It was a huge 2 metres x 1 metre, and as this photo shows looked rather surreal!

It is also on its way to Hungary and will become my first piece of artwork to grace that country. I am enjoying the range of countries my work has made it to so far. I think it is my 11th country I have shipped work to as yet, assuming my memory is behaving itself (which is always debatable!).