Friday, 24 January 2020

Be good 2020...

You know when you have a niggle in the back of your mind? One along the lines of 'I must do a New Years blog post' well yes, I may have had that niggle in the back of my mind for 24 days. Where on earth has January gone?

So the end of last year was a bit of a mess. Not much artwork going on, not much architecture work going on either. January seems to be the opposite so far, a fair amount of architecture work coming in and on the way and three commission requests lined up already! Bizarrely I am quite often more busy with art in January than I am in December which never really makes sense to me but I'll still take it.

The commissions are all gifts at the moment so I will have to reveal them later. In the meantime, I still haven't managed to do my first painting of the year yet which feels a bit wrong. I knew January was going to be busy so I am not overly surprised but I do need to paint soon. I can feel a painting bubbling around inside me and it is good not to leave it too long when I get that feeling otherwise I can get quite irritable.  Artistic temperament and all that.

I have still kept art things ticking over - I am on a tweet and Instagram post a day this month as I have 30% off all my originals for January. This doesn't seem to have drummed up much interest as of yet but at least I am trying and you never know who might one day see a post. I am also quoting for a couple of bespoke prints and I am about to upload some items for sale on Etsy. I have lots of plans this year to be a bit more proactive and get everything working a bit more efficiently. So, massively belatedly, HAPPY NEW YEAR all! Here is to hoping 2020 carries on like this with art and architecture and money pouring in.

And fingers crossed my new boiler, which is currently being fitted will go in with no problems and my house will behave itself for the rest of the year!