Monday, 4 March 2013

A Nice Niche for your Niece in Nice

Part of making a success of anything is trying to find a niche - seeing a need and filling a need. I think, after writing this blog, I have managed to find one:

The first step is to change my name to Seraphine de Senlis and then to sell some prints of her, sorry 'my' work. Since mentioning her here in a film recommendation a few weeks ago I have had quite a lot of internet hits from surfers trying to find out more about her work and buy prints. LOOK! LOOK! See the similarities in my work and hers, are you sure you wouldn't rather buy one of my prints instead? No? Oh well it was worth a try.

So Seraphine Louis, I had the same problem with finding out about you after I found out you existed, so in a tribute and to help you lost souls, here are my top Seraphine de Senlis resources:
  1. Art and Psychosis - her rise to fame.
  2. Good old Wikipedia (although it leaves a lot to be desired)
  3. A few pictures on the Palette Museum website....
  4. ...and a little bit of everything...
A short video of some of her work from the 2009 exhibition at the Musee Maillol in Paris:

..and, if you want to see some of her work in real life then there are currently exhibited works at:

Musée d’art de Sen­lis
Musee Maillol in Paris
Musée d’art naïf in Nice, 
Musée d’Art mod­erne Lille Métro­pole in Vil­leneuve d’Ascq

So come now Miss Louis - STOP STEALING MY THUNDER!! 

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