Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Maison du Roi take 2!

Things have been hectic the last couple of weeks. I can't even remember what I have and haven't done or shared. It has been one of those times where a lot of work has come in from all angles. An architectural model, three surveys and three virtual home staging images. A painting sold, as well as a bespoke print and three cushions and two commissions finalised and shipped. 

I still have work to finish off today before I am away next week but I am having a desperate website updating and admin day before I really can't remember where I am with everything. I think it is mostly up to date now. One painting needs to be shared on Facebook which I shall schedule for whilst I am away and then I just need to complete an outstanding commission and then art is kind of up to date enough. I just need to add my calendars and facemasks for sale on Etsy, Facebook and my website. But that at least feels easier to remember. I just have two bits of architectural work left to finish before Friday. I am not sure much sleep is going to be happening over the next 48 hours or so! 

One of my latest commissions was interesting as it was revisiting an old work of mine that I created in 2015. I was expecting there to be a big difference between it and the new work. 5 years worth of differences in fact, but they seem a bit more like a 'spot the difference' test. I guess being asked to do a direct copy is different from revisiting a past work. I feel if I was given free reign that the resultant building probably would be quite different. It has got me thinking about a few pieces of work that I would be intrigued to try again. There are a couple of places I don't feel like I have done justice first time around, so maybe I will add them onto my to-do list.....

In the meantime - Maison du Roi, Take 1 and Take 2!    

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Leaf Tracery

I feel like I am breaking everything this afternoon. I half put my new painting online for sale on Friday so I thought I would finish the other half of putting it online today. Unfortunately my internet keeps breaking midway between doing everything which is infuriating. I'm also still unfamiliar with how my Facebook shop works so I either have, or have not managed to add the painting on there. One plus point is that I have managed to link my Facebook shop to my Instagram account now which was something that I had been trying to, and failing to do for ages. A swings and roundabouts day. 

All that is left to do is put the new painting on twitter and Instagram I think. I have so many accounts if I don't do it all in one go it becomes confusing as to what is complete and what is outstanding. I am also about to send an email to the National Trust which I am dreading. It has been on my list for ages to ask whether they would be interested in having some of my products in their shops as I have painted some of their locations. One of my friends, 'helped' (forced might be more accurate) me to write a rough draft on Friday and then has text me daily to ask whether I have sent it. This is both good and bad. I do need a kick up the backside to do things sometimes, but then sometimes it just kicks in my ultra stubborn side and then I'll refuse to do anything! As this has been on my list for ages, I think the persuasion will work in my favour this time. The only thing I am not sure about is whether I should ask the individual locations, or the head office. I guess I'll find out. I also don't know what will happen about supplying them with stock if they say yes. Another reason that I may not have done this before, because I literally have no idea what I am doing. But then I guess I have had no idea what I am doing at all points during this 'setting up my business' malarkey.    

If you don't try you'll never know!

I was also going to start a painting this evening but the day is getting later and later so I may postpone it to do in the week. Time keeps going too quickly or too slowly. Covid-19 time makes no sense to me at all! 

But anyway, the new painting needs to be shared on here as well. I was in a very fed up mood when I started this. I didn't even bother planning anything, I just chose a canvas, got the paints out and started. Bizarrely I had a faint idea of painting a dramatic, colourful cloudy sky, but instead I painted a leaf. 

I don't know either. 

I assume it is because the changing of the seasons was on my mind and what might have been making me feel restless and fed up. Either way, painting therapy of sorts! I hope you like it.


Monday, 7 September 2020

Left or Right?

Afternoon, and welcome to your daily cardboard update! I am joking, but also not as I have actually just bought some more cardboard packaging and 'Do Not Bend' stickers, but don't worry, I am not going to talk about them anymore. 

Or am I!?

Please no. 

It is a bit frustrating as I have a new painting to share, but I need it to be received first as it is a commission / gift. I have also started a new painting over the weekend that I could share but I need to finish it first. I also have another commission I need to start and ship over to the US of A. I am starting to think there may be an untapped market over there for me at the moment.

It's busy. I also have temporarily paused my advert and my Facebook posts seem to have returned to normal so that is good. I don't think there is any other news, calendar is half started, puzzles restocked, lots of procrastination ensuing, oh and a photo of my therapeutic weekend walk to share.

 Shall we go left or right?

Friday, 4 September 2020


As you can see, I did manage to add all my products onto here yesterday. If I had realised it was going to be so easy I would have done it ages ago, but never mind, better late than never.

I read back through some of my old blog posts yesterday and realised I was much more curious, inquisitive and lighter when I was younger. I feel like I spend my days now writing about how much I have to do, how tired I am and how much cardboard I need to buy. Hmm. No wonder no one ever reads my posts, I should have called it Cardboardaholics, not Holaholics! 

I have been thinking about the olden days, when I had a lot more time, used to receive no emails, sell nothing and be able to stay up late and not wake up in the morning with various aches and pains. I am not even anywhere near being classed as old yet, but I do miss the drive and enthusiasm that comes with being young. 

I am slightly worried at the moment too as I damaged my thumb three weeks ago and it doesn't seem to want to get better. I succumbed to putting ice on it today as it felt like the ache was moving up my arm and across my hand onto some of my other fingers. I could do without my career being over because I have 'broken' my hand. 

I am too internally self reflective at the moment. I think I am getting bored. I probably need to go on holiday but that is currently problematic. Oh well, I have had another commission quote to prepare on Artfinder and I may as well make my calendars. I am definitely winning on art consistency this year. Things really are steadily ticking over, even if quotes don't always come into fruition. 

I think the only difference between 'making it' and not making it, is the tolerance you have to not give up. Today feels like it has been a long ten years....    

Thursday, 3 September 2020

Home where?

So, the new painting is finished minus a personal detail that needs adding and it getting client approval. The new painting logo commission thing I need to do is underway as well, with round one of the potential sketch ideas complete, also waiting for client feedback. So that is two things kind of sorted.  

I have also been thinking about my calendar for next year. It would be good to get this done sooner rather than later so I can be prepared for once in my life. I also have some points with my printer that I can use against the purchase. I am hoping I will have more selling power this time with a Facebook Shop and Etsy, so maybe I should buy a few more than usual. I did also contemplate a pre-order type system so that then I will only order what I know I will sell. I hate wasting things. Even more decisions to make. 

In the meantime, I really should concentrate on putting my masks up for sale, but I am 100% more tempted to add the home-ware sections onto here instead and by home-ware, I just  mean adding my prints, cushions, cups and puzzles onto here. They will  link back through to my website, which should help their individual page rankings apparently. It makes more sense to do the thing I am in the mood for as then I will actually do it, so everything else may have to wait for a while. 

In the meantime, online Zumba is calling my name as I have ants in my pants today. It seems like my patience with the 2020 Covid-19 experience is waning thin. I would like to stop feeling like I am being told what to do all the time today!

*Throws toys out of pram* 


Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Pinch and a Punch it's the 1st of the month

 And somehow it is September. 

Time this year seems to make no sense. Months drag on forever and yet time flies by. Lots gets done and yet nothing happens. Everything has changed, but it all seems the same. 

2020 is certainly not ordinary. 

I woke up this morning unable to remember what I am meant to be doing, which seems to be a classic at the moment. I did some overdue invoice and expense admin and rewrote my to-do list which seems to have helped. I have now highlighted 16 things that it would be good to try and do this week. I obviously won't complete them all but it means when I look at my list I have earmarked some things that it would be good to get done. For instance I have had 5 artist blog posts to do on my list for over a year. I really should just write them so I can erase them from my mind.

There are a few points like this, like adding a home-ware section onto here. I have all the images ready and raring to go so there is no excuse to not just getting on and doing it. Then I can have the beautiful zen feeling of knowing something is up together and behaving. 

I am also going to finish the commission I started the other day this evening, and design the sketches for the other one tomorrow to get that rolling. 

I also need to decide what to do with my Facebook advert. It seems to be stopping the rest of the posts on my page being shared properly. A cunning plan to make you spend more? Who knows, all I know is that it is annoying, so I may pause my advert and run it closer to Christmas, or just burn it out in 5 days instead of the 88 I originally chose. 

Endless decisions, decisions.