Saturday, 24 October 2020


 Working on a Saturday? What is going on, or is that just how exciting life is right now? I am basically finishing off the few things I didn't manage to sort out yesterday because of my internet / computer / life issues. Plus, I have work lined up for next week so I wasn't sure when I would get the chance to update my website otherwise. Plus, I am waiting for dinner to cook and have nothing else to do. 

Sometimes I am paranoid that I am boring. 

I was definitely cursed yesterday as I went to Zumba and managed to prang my back on top of everything else. It seems like it was probably one of those weeks! 

I need to order some new prints tomorrow to make sure they arrive in time for Christmas and sort out my Christmas cards. I think next week is going to be busy, and I shall regret that I was being less than focused last week, but I guess you can't always be 'on.'

In other news, this is the last place left for me to share my new painting! I saw a lot of the moon whilst I took a cheeky trip to Madeira a few weeks ago, as we sat out late chatting so I guess it was already firmly sat in my mind, and then I watched 'Away' on Netflix which is about a space trip to Mars. I think those things combined meant I was only ever going to paint a space / sky themed piece. So here it is! 

I am not really sure what I am going to paint after this, but then I suppose quite often I don't know what I am going to paint until I start. Starting is the inspiration. Possibly something of Madeira? Although I also have a potential commission to paint, or at least an idea to paint for a client's first refusal. Sometimes, you have to paint first and ask later. 

Friday, 23 October 2020

The Dancing Teapot

Today has been frustrating. What should have been an easy day of uploading and putting a new painting online has turned into a bit of a marathon saga. My internet decided that a speed of 0.8mb was acceptable, and the program I use to edit my gallery photos decided to glitch, which is doubly disappointing as I just upgraded it. I have finally succumbed to paying more for a faster broadband speed but I am worried the problem is with my line so it may not actually make a difference. I gave up in the end and tagged my computer onto my phone. It is crazy how much faster it is. I didn't realise what I had been putting up with. Considering half of my job is online I probably should have attempted to sort this out sooner. 

Better late than never I guess!

I have also put my new painting up on social media and the response has been lukewarm thus far, although it looks like it hasn't been seen by many people yet. Even so, it feels like one of those days where basically everything I touch is going to break. 

Perhaps it is making up for yesterday when I got to visit a small local gallery in Marlow to give them some work to sell. I am not sure whether it will be a success or not, but they did put the two paintings I gave them in the window so that seems like a good start. So please, if you are in the area, head to 'The Dancing Teapot Studio' just of the High Street, to take a look. They have loads of great art gifts for all budgets so it is well worth a visit to find something unique for a loved one. (But obviously buy my stuff first ;-) ) 

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Bespoke Prints

Before I write a new blog post, I always re-read the previous post. I realise, the blog is more useful to me than it probably is interesting for anyone else. It helps put me back into the mindset of what I was doing, before how ever many days have passed me by and I have got into a different zone. The problem with juggling many balls is that sometimes you forget what some of the balls are and where they are meant to be going. Having just had a few days away and reset a little I feel like I can't remember what my game plan was. That said, I have completed my latest commission and I am in talks to try and persuade two more people to sign on the dotted line for a painting. One of my friends is also working for a local art gallery and showed the owners my work this morning, so now they have asked me in for a chat so that might be useful. Having my work on display somewhere may provide me with an extra avenue of sales depending on what their terms are. 

Every time I say I have forgotten what I am doing and then write was is happening I feel like maybe I am lying; There is always something going on, I guess there is always the guilt of doing more....

I did get some good feedback whilst I was away. I sold a large, 1.5 x 1m bespoke print of 'The Golden Temple' a while ago and my client sent me a picture of it up on the wall. It looks good large and has made me tempted to paint some bigger pictures. There is something therapeutic about painting on a bigger scale. I must be due a more in depth cityscape soon, perhaps of Paris. I will have to have a think. I need to paint some post holiday places first. In the meantime, here is the print, safely up on my clients wall: