Monday, 18 June 2018

A Late Night

So I saved the idea I had bubbling in my head in the week to paint on Sunday. I have done one of my usual, 'lets suddenly paint something totally different' turns. I didn't get to bed before midnight last week, on any day (a combination of going out, Amazon Prime, and having no deadline to get up by) And if you have managed to stay up for 4 nights, why not make it a nice full 7 day week.

On one of my late night wandering home walks, I noticed the black silhouetted trees of the Moor, against a graded blue sky and twinkling stars. It was one of those images / feelings, that lodged itself onto my retinas and demanded to be painted.  Who am I to argue?

So here is 'Late Night' which was undoubtedly the theme of last week.

It also gave me an excuse to get my Black Lava Gel out, so the little black dots you can see in the sky, are actually shiny and sparkle when the light hits them. This painting, really does have a few twinkle, twinkle little stars. 

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