Monday, 9 July 2012

Remains to be Seen

So I am still suffering from impatience but distracting myself instead of wallowing. It came to my attention the other week that my website loads rather slowly so I have been resizing and re-uploading all of my images. (Known as 'Such Fun').

This should make my website experience less infuriating. Once all the updates are completed and my prints section reordered I am going to give away a print of On the Old Town in celebration. Watch this space.

 I painted a shiny new picture for a friend the other week called 'Midnight in Paris' It got the best reception any of my paintings has ever received - the most favourites and likes on both facebook and DeviantArt. I don't understand why this one was so popular but the moral of the story is 'don't complain.' It was really exciting at the time, messages popping up all over the place, but has bizarrely stressed me out for the unveiling of my next painting. This has not been helped by the fact that the new picture has stumped even me. Anyone know where it came from? What it is? What I should call it? No? Nor me. 

It is a grower though and IT IS BIG. Midnight in Paris is one of my smallest and this one is one of my biggest. The reception so far is luke warm but maybe that will change. Quite often the ones I like best are the least popular anyway. Looks like I have no taste, although I am sure being the artist makes me always right (that is my mantra anyway).

 I think I might name this 'Remains to be Seen.'

Nailed it, in all respects.

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