Friday, 30 November 2012

Buy one get one Tree

So I think I have only had to play the Laura song twice in the last few days as a pick me up. On the plus side I got some slightly frustrating news in the week which did make me annoyed enough to get the paint box out. (The only time when irritating news is a good thing)

At the moment it is working that "ooh I am happy" lets paint a picture

"Ooh I had an inspiring holiday" lets paint a picture

"Ooh I am fed up" lets paint a picture. This at leasts explains why I currently have 23 paintings up for sale. I am either a very happy person, had a very good holiday or am frequently bored. No comment.

One of my new paintings did its usual 'paint me, paint me....mwahahaha.... I look completely different to what you were expecting. Hate me, hate me.'

Everyone else seemed to like it.

Then, after a few days of looking at it, deciding it was not that bad. Thinking hmmm you would look good on my wall. I WANT TO KEEP YOU, where does that leave me? That is the problem with not having a studio - all my paintings invariably get hung up so they are out of the way and safe. The problem with this is that then I either want to keep them or burn them (and I can't remember the colour of my walls).

I don't think this is good sales practice. Maybe I need to offer a half price sale on selected items only soon. Maybe. Fingers crossed I have someone coming over later today who might buy one. Let's see if I can charm them into getting one of the ones I don't like :-)

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