Thursday, 28 February 2013

Hol or Way

After going to the Tate Modern, I have been thinking about Cy Twombly. I was wondering what inspired him to go from being Edwin Parker to Cy Twombly - Laura Hol is much less of a mouthful than Laura Holloway - Cy Twombly though!?! It turns out his name is actually Edwin Parker Twombly Junior and he just chose the nickname 'Cy' after his father, so that has ruined that train of thought then. Twombly, Twombly, Twombly.

(Incidentally if you want to find out some more information about Cy Twombly, you can do so here)

It has made me wonder about my choice of name and whether I haven't laid myself open to some split personality disorders. I do all my architecture and formal work under the name Holloway and my art work and creative items under the name Hol. This has been fine as the architecture and formal work has been more prevalent, and I am after all Laura Holloway. Recently though post has been coming through addressed to Laura Hol, as well as an increasing amount of emails. Laura Hol also seems more exciting - she paints, writes blog articles, has a facebook fan page, emails from art galleries and a constantly updated website.

So the question is, what happens when I forget who Laura Holloway is!?!

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