Thursday, 18 April 2013

Look at ME

Work, work, work.

Has two good outcomes.

Firstly, I am now friends with my bank account again - did someone say shopping spree? And secondly, because I haven't put as much effort into my art, facebook fan page, blog, website etc, simply because I haven't had the time, I have had a good chance to see how they all fair without my constant input. I have done this before in October of last year when I was in America for three weeks and I did nothing at all to anything (except take photos) and everything pretty much fell over. No blog hits, very few hits on my website and my facebook views skimmed the bottom of the bottom.

How heart-warming.

This time seems to be different. I have kept things ticking over slightly with the odd post, facebook status and one and a half paintings over the last month but my views have stayed relatively constant. Finally my website, blog and facebook are working for me.  All those hours of updating, tweaking, tidying, sorting, writing, painting and staying up late, which at the time seemed slightly futile are starting to pay off.

I am excited.....

Maybe people are starting to take notice.....

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