Friday, 12 July 2019

The British Museum

So, Friday, we meet again. Thank goodness. Not that this weekend will necessarily be a rest but it will be a break of sorts.

Firstly, my Limited Edition print competition has run and been drawn. I had a good turn out in the end, just under 100 entries and 57 new page followers. This was mostly due to a £10 Facebook advert, but in placing the advert I got £30 extra free which I can use to boost some later posts, or older ones, so it seemed like a good deal. I apologise in advance if you all get bombarded with sponsored posts.

I am not sure what secondly was going to be? But I guess this weekend will at least be half an art weekend as I am heading into London tomorrow to see the Munch Exhibition at the British Museum. Speaking of the British Museum, my latest small painting I mentioned doing in a previous blog post is of the British Museum. It is an interior view this time, of the Great Court.

A surprisingly complicated simple piece as the roof was quite difficult to do. I had to paint over it and start again at least once. The good news is that the painting is already on reserve and will hopefully equate to a sale at the end of the month all being well.

I am hoping to paint another one this Sunday, or possibly during the week. I have a feeling I might need a lazy day on Sunday doing very little and trying to get back on track with everything. I feel too old for this busy life today.

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