Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Evening Stroll

As promised, I did successfully have radio silence last week, and yesterday as well seemingly.

Yesterday, I was trying to remember what I did before I had a crazy week of architecture work. I also had life admin to complete as literally everything other than work was on hold last week. On the plus side, even though I wasn't doing art stuff I still managed to sell a large Limited Edition Print on Etsy and I had an enquiry for a bespoke, enormous print of the Golden Temple. The print is a bit expensive as it is 1.5m wide so it is debatable whether it will go ahead but we shall see.

Other than that, not much is happening. I should be able to share my latest painting with you soon as it is being collected at the end of this week and hopefully I will find some time to paint soon. I don't necessarily feel like I am burning to paint just yet, but I can feel that I have been without it for a while. I just need to find some inspiration. I also need to make my missing prints up and I have an advertising voucher on Facebook if I set up my 'shop' there. I have no idea what this entails, but a free ad voucher seems too good to miss.

This is all on top of still tidying up my website, which I have forgotten how to do, but should come flooding back to me when I log back in (Fingers crossed).

In the meantime, not a painting, but here is a photograph I took the other day whilst out on a perfect evening stroll. I hope you enjoy...

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