Saturday, 10 March 2018

And it's up!

So, two weeks later and the new website is up and running! It is still minus the shop at the moment as that will still take some time for me to sort out, but everything else is working and view-able across all platforms! This also means that I have finally start to tweet and post on Instagram. It all seems rather confusing at the moment, whilst I am trying to get used to everything. I have, however downloaded Hootsuite which is a magical program that lets you schedule posts and post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all at the same time. I haven't linked my Facebook account up to it at the moment as I wanted to get to grips with Instagram and Twitter first, but I may do it later.

So far, I seem to be getting a small reaction on Instagram and not much on Twitter, but as I have only posted 3 things so far, it is still early days. I will be interested to see how they get going!

In the meantime - find me on Twitter @Lauraholart and on Instagram @laurahollogram. Thank you in advance for the follow!

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