Tuesday, 13 February 2018

I'm finally Special.

So it seems like the print sales are continuing as I sold another one at the weekend. Let's hope this streak continues.

In other news I had the results back from a competition I entered the other day called 'Cityscapes.' It was just an online competition, where the 'gallery' in question displays your work and links to your website for a month, and sends information out to other galleries and websites. They have a pretty good footfall, or rather a good visitor count so it should be a good place to garner some publicity.

I didn't get a place in their top ten artists but for once in my life I did get some attention as I received a Special Recognition Award.

This is the first time I have received any official recognition for my work, well, other than the odd publication; Let's rephrase - this is the first time I have ever received an award for my artwork. Literally ever, a guy at school always won the yearly Christmas poster competition when I was small (yes, I carry this with me) so I was pleasantly surprised by receiving this.

Maybe 2018 really will be my year. It is a good start at least!

You can see the rest of the winners (and me) in the online gallery here.

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