Wednesday, 10 November 2021

The Needles

 So as promised I did get on and do my long overdue commission. Not on the day I said I would but at the weekend instead. Turns out a roast dinner and a glass of wine were the perfect fuel as I ended up painting two at the same time. One I had to do, and one to depict how I was feeling. Or how the recent creative block has felt. 

This was good to do as I a) feel more relaxed having completed the commission and b) doing one for me was therapeutic and may have woken my art half back up again, almost fully. I have been thinking about painting ever since and will hopefully manage one possibly this evening or tomorrow, or even on Saturday if I fail all other options! I feel like I am becoming old, as the late and early hours seem to be made for sleeping rather than painting like they used to be. 


But anyway, my commission was a relatively simple one of the Needles on the Isle of Wight, a place I know well as the island is my birthplace. It was intended to match another painting of the island (one of mine) that the client already had of Freshwater. I banked on the fact that it would match simply because I was doing it, but the combo actually turned out much better than I expected. Enough so, that the client is almost tempted to order another and turn it into a triptych. 

You can't do any better than that! 

And with it's new friend! Almost perfect, I would just like to tweak it so that the sea lines up!

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