Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Which Direction?


I am not sure where I have been. I have made website improvements although it is still offline and I must correct this sooner rather than later. Tomorrow will be dedicated to trying to get some of it up and running, even if it is just my original paintings for the moment. 

Other than that, too much time has passed. I have completed two commissions, one I was worried about and I have three more commissions I need to start working on. I have also managed to paint a few random things and I am starting to feel more inclined to do so. This feels like a good sign, so I hope it means my art mojo is slowly beginning to resurface. 

It still always seems like there are endless and overwhelming amounts to do though. 

Let's go with a distraction first, and a sharing of my most recent commission. I was pleased with how this turned out in the end after procrastinating over it for a good few months. It was definitely out of my comfort zone but then turned out to be quite an enjoyable challenge, and other than a repaint over the face a few times, easier to complete than I expected. 

So here goes - The Guitarist. 

I guess I needed to get a few other things under my belt before I felt ready to tackle this, but then ironically I think doing it reminded myself that I can paint and I should stop worrying so much. Post lockdown is a strange place. It seems like everyone needs to rediscover themselves a little and be reminded of who they are and what they do. Joy and ease seem hard to find, and tiredness is around every corner. But it feels like it is getting easier, at least it does today. Days still easily swing from ok to too much. 

But I am starting to remember that art is my compass. 

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