Monday, 28 February 2022

Etsy to the Rescue!

 I feel like I cursed myself with my previous post as I have only managed to paint one thing since I think and my website has officially completely broken. I need to do quite a lot to fix it which will be the task of this week and possibly next and hopefully not many weeks after that but I wouldn't like to say. 

On the plus side, I have sold the odd print, and extra large puzzle, I have a commission to do and possibly another one as an enquiry came in this morning. It always seems as though once I pay art attention it generates something. I just need time to give it more attention. I have also finished some serious restocking; Canvasses are in, cardboard packaging is in, mugs are restocked, as are puzzles, I just need to set aside some time to make some prints and then we are organised and good to go.

As to my website it is a mess and currently offline with directions to visit Etsy, which is now my one stop shop. I am beginning to wonder if I should have just used Etsy in the first place and never had a website, but I kind of like the fact that the website is entirely in my control. Although it admittedly it doesn't feel like it is at the moment. 

These things are sent to test us I suppose, and at least I am good at working through large tasks. Quite often it makes my focus better as I can work consistently at it, assuming and hoping, I don't get too busy with other things. 

So watch this space, maybe casually, just in case there is no news for another month.  

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